I saw Eagle Eye this afternoon. There was about 20-25 persons for the English version but it was sunny and week day. It's the big movie of the week.

What is Eagle Eye?

Two stranger, a man and woman, are unwillingly recruited for a special mission by a voice in the telephone.

The review

Eagle Eye is 1h58.  The overall story is nothing new to me but I did like it anyway.  Eagle Eye would had been a good summer movie in my opinion. The special effect(i.e. explosions) were great and reminded me of Die Hard 4 at times. There were a few slow parts but for most of the movie, the 2 recruits were running.

Verdict: Eagle Eye is a good a movie to see at the theater. And after the lack of good movies since the Mommy 3(last one in theater I saw), it was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Btw, I saw a few previews of upcoming movies(lesser known) but nothing really made me say: "Wow, I have to see it". Max Payne was the exception. You read this movie distributor? ;)

P.S. You can leave when the credits start. I waited just in case it had an extra scene at the end for a possible Eagle Eye 2.
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