Doomsday is an sci-fi movie that I did not have a chance to see at the theater in English.

What is Doomsday?

Set in the future, a team is sent to retrieve a cure to a virus that resurfaced into a now walled Scotland.

The movie review

Doomsday is not the most inventive movie I have seen. In fact, it takes many elements from Escape from New-York to Mad Max. Yet, it's the kind of movie that I know will have a lot of action in it.

The main character was played Rhona Mitra. At first, I thought she was Kate Beckinsale. In fact, Rhona will be in Underworld 3. I wonder why? ;)

Doomsday was encoded in VC1 and last 1h53. This Blu-Ray release has:  1 commentary and U-Control(text encyclopedia about many aspect of the story).

Cast: Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Alexander Siddig, Caryn Peterson, Malcolm McDowell

The trailer

Trailer: 2m28s


Doomsday is a rent. Since it has barely extras, you better buy it when it drop more in price. At the time of this review, buying it for $27 is way too much money for it.

Buy it new using the above link or buy it for less here:
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