Die Hard: With a Vengeance is the third installment in the Die Hard franchise. This time around, the movie is set in the summer.

What is Die Hard: With a Vengeance?

A man play Simon's said with John McClane or bombs will explodes in New-York city if he does not obey.

The movie review

You should listen to small clues at the start of the movie. I do like the "Hot time, summer in the city" song at the start and what follows. Bonnie Bedelia did not return in this one thus having a less personal motivation for John like the first 2. It's not my favorite in the series but it does comeback to the original source. Overall, it's a good action movie.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance was encoded in AVC and last 2h09. The transfer to Blu-Ray was better than the first 2 movies since it's more recent than them. You got a commentary, personnel scene selection, alternate ending (SD), 8 featurettes(SD), trailers and tv spots, Fox on Blu-Ray and D-box.

Note: On many sites, you will see 131 minutes or 2h11. Die Hard: With a Vengeance is 2h08:31 to be exact. I looked at my DVD version(silver box a few years back) and they wrote 131 minutes on the box too. But when I played the DVD, it was also 2h08:31.

Cast: Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson


Die Hard: With a Vengeance is a rent for "die hard" fans. Since they did include more extras, Die Hard: With a Vengeance could be a buy too.

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