Defiance is a historical WWII movie about Jewish resistance. It's the third movie in a row about WWII. And it was not scheduled like that(rent queue).

What is Defiance?

This is the true story of Jewish brothers that took other Jews into the forest to escape the nazis.

The movie review

My expectation of Defiance was a little higher. The story was unknown to me. In my mind, I expected a little more action than that. You have some here and there and little more in the last 30 minutes. It's more about of the struggle of living outside of what you know and the comfort you are used too. It's about surviving without losing your humanity.

Defiance (Blu-Ray) was encoded in AVC and last 2h17. This Blu-Ray release has: 1 commentary, 4 Featurettes(HD),  deleted scenes(HD), trailers(HD)

Cast: Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell

The trailer

Trailer: 2m4s

Defiance is a rent or buy for those that like that kind of movies.

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