A few hours ago, I went to see Cloverfield. I wanted to go on Friday but it snowed in Quebec City. I was not in a big hurry to see it and tried not to hear/read about it. It was colder outside with about 15-20 persons in the theater.

What is Cloverfield?

It's a monster(big) movie like Godzilla but from the point of view of a guy and his friends videotaping the event on the ground. The tape is found after the event and that's what we see unedited. Poor New-York, monsters like to eat the big apple. They should get a new name to confuse monsters ;)


I was surprised in the fact that they added an element that I did not see/noticed in the trailer. Of course, I don't want to mention what it is.

I knew what to expect when I watched the trailer but.... one thing I did not like is the "camera work". I don't want to see the pavement when they are running and it looked amateur(goal of the style). Heck! I did that when I got my first VHS camcorder in 1991. It looked like the movie Doom at the end when it was in first person mode. Cloverfield is an experiment but I still have mix feeling for a full length movie. I'm sure they will make millions on the first weekend but next week, it will be lower but by how much?50%, 40% or lower?. Maybe I should had sat a bit higher to watched it. I was about 1-2 rows to low near the middle.

The effects were okay but we did not see the full monster often. It is mostly a character driven movie after all with not big names in it. But that added to the realism of the video. Cloverfield is short(1h24) and I expected the action to start faster because of that. The first 15 minutes or so are about the party and it also introduced the main characters.

Because it's a videotape, no music or soundtrack was added for the movie.


On Sunday's, tickets are price higher than weekday afternoon's but I had a free entry(gift certificate). I have mixed feeling and would hesitate to recommend it. If you can pay a cheaper price for your ticket and still want to see Cloverfield, then do that instead. At least, I saw a teaser for Star Trek XI. :D
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