I saw Bodie of lies this afternoon. There was about 15-20 persons for the English version but it was sunny and a week day. It's Thanks Giving in Canada on Monday thus saw a few children(not this movie) since many did not have school today. Also, it's the big movie of the week.

What is Bodie of lies?

A CIA agent is trying to capture a terrorist leader in Jordan.

The review

Bodie of lies is 2h08.  The overall story is okay.  Bodie of lies. I was expecting a lot of suspense and action. It does have both but there are moments that I felt it broke the continuity of the overall story. At least, they were able to recyle that back in the story.   The special effect(i.e. explosions) were great.

We mostly see DiCaprio with Crowe having a second buraucratic role.

In the movie, Crowe was about to make a bad comment about the Poseidon movie. It was cut from the movie where the bad comment was said.  Poseidon was done by the same studio.

Verdict: Bodie of lies is a okay movie but not a must see at any cost at the theater.

P.S. You can leave when the credits start.
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