I saw Avatar 3D almost one week after it was out in theater. About 175 were already seated and that, I did not expect for a Chrismas day showing in the middle of the day no less.

What is Avatar?

In the future,a corporation tries to mine a precious mineral on a planet but it's under a native population. That's why they send avatars to learn more about them.

The review

Avatar is 2h42 with almost 15 minutes of previews. For a December movie, it was more like a summer movie for me.. again. The story(corporation greed, ecological issues, natives population....) were there but it's the movie I was looking at first. The story is simple plague by long moment for developping characters. It's not a good sign when I look at my watch often. The CGIs are pretty good thus laying the ground floor for better CGI in the future. This movie is mostly about a few main characters and ....the CGI in 3D. On that, it's very well made.


Avatar is a movie that is a must see movie in theater for the CGI if sci-fi is your thing.

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