I saw Angels & Demons yesterday afternoon. When I arrived in the theater, only 2 people were already there but ended up with 8 people.  I had smile at those first 2. They were an old couple and the man told me that I could seat anywhere other than were they were. That was funny.  Of course, the day was an almost breaking record sunny day, this was the end of the second week of showing and on a Thursday.

What is Angels & Demons?

An ancient group seek revenge on the Catholic church during the process of picking a new pope. Robert Langdon is called to help the Vatican.

The review

Angels & Demons is 2h18 with almost 15 minutes of previews. Seeing the trailer, I imagined that we would see a lot of action. You have some but it's more of a detective movie. I overall like the twist and turns.

This is the first sequel for Ron Howard. In this case, it was a prequel. Before that, Ron Howard would not be involved in sequels of his movies.


Angels & Demons is a movie that you can see in theater if you want. It would also make a good rental.

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