I finally went to see 10,000 BC this afternoon. Not more than 10 people were in the theater. It was the English showing, of course, but it was sunny and a weekday. I wanted to go last weekend but we had a big snow storm. We finally broke the record of 459cm for a winter with 460cm. And it'aint over yet.

What’s is 10,000 BC?

A hunter most rescue his new mate and villagers from another tribe.

The movie

Last year, it was 300 and this time it's 10,000 BC. The story line is not original and I seen it many times. The special effects were average because in some scenes, I notice the background was not real(blue screen). Of course, filming in the cold would not be too good for the actors. ;) The mammoth were well done. The main tribe spoke in English while other tribes spoke in other languages thus I had to read some subtext. It's not too bad but would had like for them to speak all in English. I did look at my watch only one time and it was near the end. This is a good sign. The cast were mostly unknown to me. But when I looked at the movies they had done, they were in known movies. Even dirty, Camilla Belle looked very good!

It’s with: Steven Strait(The Covenant), Camilla Belle(When a Stranger Calls ), Cliff Curtis(Live Free or Die Hard)


Overall, I did enjoy this action movie. For me, it was like summer in winter with this popcorn movie. Plus, because I waited, I only paid $4.95 to see 10,000 BC. :D

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