The wife of actor Bill Murray, Jennifer Butler Murray,  filed for divorce on May 12. It's nothing funny for the actor. Jennifer Butler Murray filed her divorce papers in Charleston County.

Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler Murray were married for almost 11 years. Jennifer Butler claimed that Bill had abused her by hitting her on the face this last November. Bill is also addicted to marijuana and alcohol according to her. He was never there and Bill is often overseas having altercations and private sexual liaisons. Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler Murray have four children together.

When Jennifer Butler Murray and Bill Murray got hitched in 1997, Jennifer signed a lucrative prenuptial agreement with Bill. With this agreement, they both waived their rights to support or alimony in case the marriage does not last. Bill will give $7 million to Jennifer 60 days after the divorce is final.

With claims that are defamation of his character, I suspect that Bill will fight by not giving her $7 million. A very well paid divorce attorney will be needed if it's not true. But if it's true, Bill will not drag this too long. I'm sure he will need to work to pay this amount of money.

Murray was seen in many catalog movies like "Ghostbusters," "Caddyshack" and "Groundhog Day". With "Lost in Translation", Murray got an Oscar nomination
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