Starting with Iron Man, I started tracking for fun if a movie will be a blockbuster or a flop based on it's availability in English in Quebec City(mostly French speaking city).

If a distributor don't think a movie will make money, they usually don't distribute it in English in Quebec City.

For each movie, I will give the number of people that were there when I saw it, the number of showings at the same time in English and the weekend results(blockbuster or a flop).

If you see a mini-review about the big movie of the week, it means that I saw it in English. If I don't write a review, it will mean 2 things: not my type of movie or not available in English.

So far:

Iron Man: 100, 1, Blockbuster
Speed Racer: not available in English, Flop
Prince Caspian: 25, 1, ?
Indy 4: ?, 2, ? ***

*** Here, I'm just stating that 2 presentations are schedule in 2 different theaters(rare). I would had expect them to be at the same theater. Anyway, the fact that 2 presentations will be available in English, let me guest that Indy 4 will make the 100+ millions on it's first weekend alone.

Let's see if Quebec City is predicting a blockbusters and Flops?
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