This season was kind of a first. 3 of the new popular show that I watched and liked, all 3 of them had non-US and hot women as leading lady. And none of the actresses had an accent. Is it another round of the invasion of the USA by foreigners on TV? :D

Of course, Canadians started that trend a long time ago. Hey!

In alphabetical order:

Lena Headey
Country: Bermuda
Show: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(on air)

Michelle Ryan
Country: England
Show: Bionic Woman(DVD)

Yvonne Strahovski
Country: Australia
Show: Chuck(off air a few week ago)

Looking at each actress's list of movies, I have seen at least one of their movie. Lena Headey, being the oldest, has more movies than Michelle Ryan or Yvonne Strahovski . Lena played the hot Queen Gorgo in 300.

The sad thing is that none had an official site with their name. The domains were already used, parked or redirected. That's bad and all performers should create one. They could buy their domain name back or create a variation using their names. Even my domain name would had cost me a few hundreds. In their cases, it would cost a few thousands.

Using a blog is simple and they can update the information very easy and for a low cost.

I hope to see them next seasons!
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