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1.) Copy and paste the matrix of “ViralPosties” below courtesy of Steve from MISfan

2.) Substitute the Host Tag and one of the “ViralPosties” in the matrix with the URL of one of your Category plus Post Title.

3.) When you get a ping back from someone that has your link in one of their “ViralPosties”, practice good karma by copying his/her Host Tag’s anchor text (automatically the associated link will also be copied) and paste it over one of your “ViralPosties” below.

4.) Encourage and invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow fast.

Host Tag: Entertainment - Does Hollywood lost some of it’s imagination?

  1. Contest- Spread the MIS specification word and win $200CAD

  2. Entertainment - Does Hollywood lost some of it’s imagination?

  3. Current Events-Mike Bloomberg ... Recovering Republican

  4. 2008 Election-Hypocrites

  5. Meet Pete!

  6. It's Party Time!

  7. Feedget - Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer

  8. ViralPosties

  9. ViralPosties

  10. ViralPosties

  11. ViralPosties

  12. ViralPosties

  13. ViralPosties

  14. ViralPosties

  15. ViralPosties

  16. ViralPosties

  17. ViralPosties

  18. ViralPosties

  19. ViralPosties

  20. ViralPosties

  21. ViralPosties

  22. ViralPosties

  23. ViralPosties

  24. ViralPosties

  25. ViralPosties

  26. ViralPosties

  27. ViralPosties

  28. ViralPosties

  29. ViralPosties

  30. ViralPosties

  31. ViralPosties

  32. ViralPosties

  33. ViralPosties

  34. ViralPosties

  35. ViralPosties

  36. ViralPosties

  37. ViralPosties

  38. ViralPosties

  39. ViralPosties

  40. ViralPosties

Important: Once I get a ping back from you (I promise to do the best I can), I will add your anchor text and the associated link you designate as “Host Tag” here, replacing one of the “ViralPosties” from the matrix above. As more and more bloggers copy and paste this matrix, the more backlinks you will have with your anchor text. If everybody who copy and paste from your blog does the same, pretty soon this will spread and go viral. So, the sooner you participate, the more links with anchor text you will receive.

There it is folks. This should help you improve your Technorati ranking, SERP and Google PR. Please leave comment here if you have copied from this matrix so that I can add you just in case your ping back didn’t reach me. It should be easier to track now.

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Attention: Please make sure you have the good tag. Someone forgot and only put the blog URL and not the Post URL. I will add you after the change is made on your blog.

Thank you for your collaboration
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