This year was one of the worst TV season I tried to watch. Why? Most shows that I started to watched were canceled after just a few airing(many were serialized).

Those are my recommendations for you TV executives/Show Producers

  • Stick to the time slot or people won’t know when it’s on. Create an habit first and change it the next season if need be.

  • People use an invention called a VHS/DVD recorder/HTPC and they use it. I use 2 PVR(single tuner) and timeshift. Yes, in Canada we can do that. We may not see it live but we do watch it later. A 2 dual tuner solution would fix it in the U.S. in case of 4 good shows at the same time(no timeshift). That’s for die hard tv viewers.

  • Take a note from 24h/Prison Break. Play them in order with no repeats. You can split them in two with a small break(2-3 weeks) for the holidays.

  • Be more patient. Let the viewers find it. You used to do that.

  • Use Saturday for new shows. Again, You used to do that.

  • Make a free quality download version(sponsored with a 30sec ad) to create a buzz(pilot season) or better yet, watch Piracy is Good?. I was introduced to this ideal a few years ago and liked it and I showed it to many people(they liked it also). It’s mostly for the younger crowd that are more on the Internet than TV. But don’t forget to include a .MIS (plot, credit, .URL of the episode, sponsored URL…age) with the show ;) . Both ways can exist at the same time.

  • Think globally. A show airing in another country is often available on the Internet the same night while not available in the U.S./Canada months from now and vice and versa. It’s a reality and a small lost of income. The 30 sec ad would lessen the blow.

  • Let non-US viewers see a show when streaming the rest of the season. For example, Canadian see most major U.S. show but an early cancellation deprive us of the pleasure of seeing it wrap up.(Day Break, Vanished)

  • If a show run the whole season, ends with a cliffhanger and it’s not renewed(Jericho) then make a TV movie or an extra episode to wrap things up.

  • Don’t aired serious serialized drama, like above, at 8pm. It could be difficult when many(kids) want to watched TV at the same time.

  • Instead of ordering 13 episodes, try 6 and air them all. This could be good for non serialized show or for making a mini series that could be turn into a show(4400, Battlestar Galactica).


I may not know your industry but I’m a consumer on which you make a living. I do not claim to know it all but those are recommendations after the feedback from family, friends, forums, blogs… Many of my recommendations would benefit serialized dramas. I like those and willing to invest my time on them. But with this year fiasco, you make it much harder. You either adapt to new technology/way of doing things or you will be losing a lot of viewers, thus money, if you continue in the same vein.

So, what do you think? Any counter points?

P.S. If you still like TV like me, just make a post on your blog and link it here. Who knows, maybe one of the TV industry bigger blogs will pick it up from you or me.
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