When Paramount decided to exclusively support HD-DVD in August, I decided to partially boycott them and not see their movies at the theater. I think, I went to seen only one since. It was easy for me because the number of English movies available was very small. :D I was mad, that by their action, they prolonged the HD format. Now, my boycott is over. Toshiba officially drop HD-DVD today. When will they start making a Blu-Ray player? They did not mentioned it.

Universal already announced that will join the Blu-Ray camp. But it will take some time to get their movies because there are behind the other studios on that front. That I understand it very well.

Surprisingly, Paramount/Dreamwork did not comment the news yet. Paramount, on another hand, has already a few movies in stock. They were not release when they made the switch to HD-DVD. They are behind by 6 months on that front. Maybe they want to make it special by announcing those titles in stock at the same time.

Don't worry, price of Blu-Ray players will not rise because Blu-Ray has to compete with DVD and themself. Plus, those(vast majority) on the sideline will start to invest in Blu-Ray products. And don't worry, your old DVD will still work in a Blu-Ray player. The image will be even better(upconvert) but it would not be real HD.

Toshiba has now it's own Beta and Sony finally won in a format war :D

Let's start watching HD(Blu-Ray) movies together hand in hand like happy movie fan's!
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