Here are the flops of the week: October 24

Saw V
Pride and Glory
The Tiger's Tail

Why are they going to be flops?

Those movies will not be shown in Quebec City in English(only in French in most cases). I would had expected Saw V since the others in the series were available in English.

The main reason is that the distributor believe that those won't make money in our market. They may have a fairly good first weekend but that's it. You are better to rent them later on instead of paying a lot of money for average movies. They will still make money on Blu-Ray/DVD.

An English movie is normally shown here for 2 weeks and longer with blockbuster like The Dark Night.

This week in English: High School Musical 3: Senior Year(Nope, I won't see it)

Last week, Max Payne(17.7M) did good. It did beat The Secret Life of Bees(10.5) and W.(10.5M). Sex Drive(3.6M) did flop.

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