Here are the flops of the week: September 12


Yes, the 3 major(Burn After Reading, Righteous Kill, The Women) movies will be shown in English.

Since I started to post the flops of the week, I must mentioned that I was correct so far. My suggestion that they were flops because they were not shown in Quebec City in English by a distributor was on target each week. But this week, I was at least expecting Burn After Reading or Righteous Kill but was surprise to have 3 new English movies. The Women was the most surprising of the 3.

This mean that either the distributor had read my previous post(Hi!) and they want to proof me wrong or they are truly convince that they will make money even in English. Of course, it was a real drought in the last month so I was expecting it to end one day.

Maybe the cost for the local theater is lower in September(back to school) versus Summer thus the more affordable movies available. For example, a distributor could ask $15000 for the theater to acquire the rights to show a movie. So, the theater must make sure it can sell for $15000 in tickets to break even. After that, it start to make some money back(profit sharing with studio?). That's how the manager of the theater explained it to me last year when I asked for the reason for the lack of English movies. Unfortunately, he did not gave me more information because he was called away.

I left the normal text for those new to this blog.

Why are they going to be flops?

Those movies will not be shown in Quebec City in English(only in French).

The main reason is that the distributor believe that those won't make money in our market. They may have a fairly good first weekend but that's it. You are better to rent them later on instead of paying a lot of money for average movies. They will still make money on Blu-Ray/DVD.

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