Here are the flops of the week: September 19

Lakeview Terrace
My Best Friend's Girl
Ghost Town
Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Why are they going to be flops?

Those movies will not be shown in Quebec City in English(only in French). Last week, we had 3 new movies at the same time after a long drought. In retrospect, only one should had been shown. Burn After Reading was the one with the more broader appeal of the 3. But because of those 3 movies, this is leaving no "spot" for this week. Then again they could had made one more spot or drop one of the losing money movie.

The main reason is that the distributor believe that those won't make money in our market. They may have a fairly good first weekend but that's it. You are better to rent them later on instead of paying a lot of money for average movies. They will still make money on Blu-Ray/DVD.

Lakeview Terrace could had been a choice. I don't expect to see it here because I don't remember the last time an English opened one week later after the French version was available. I'm not a fan of comedies at the theater since we often get an unrated version(ex. My Best Friend's Girl) later on.

An English movie is normally shown here for 2 weeks and longer with blockbuster like The Dark Night. Next week, I have Eagle Eye. The action/thriller movie would be the best bet.

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