One of the biggest if not the biggest movie of this summer is The Dark Night. Frankly, I can't wait to see The Dark Night but at the same time I wonder if we got hype reviews too.

The tragic death of Heath Ledger is a lost for movie fans for sure. But did some used that by writing hype reviews to honor his last performance? I hope not.

Warner also offered many beautiful posters and trailers but are they doing too much? Are they over selling The Dark Night? I don't want to see the whole movie because the trailers showed too much of the key scenes.

Some might not remember but Dick Tracy was so over sold that it "flop" on it's first weekend. Dick Tracy probably made it's profit on VHS rental back then. Yes kids, before DVDs we had VHS and had to rewind the movie. ;) Anyway, that's why Warner decided to give lower opening weekend in case the first reviews are average. But if the movie do better and gets positive reviews, Warner can then say that The Dark Night is surpassing their expectations

I expect the first weekend will be good because of the hype reviews but the second weekend will tell more about The Dark Night performance going against The X-Files: I Want to Believe. The second weekend, most movie make 50% less.

Me, I call it the "Dick Tracy effect". Now, I try not to expect much of movies or watch to much about it (interviews, specials or trailers) before I see it. This way I get some surprise out of the movie like I did with Hancock. If I'm on the fence about a movie, then I read a few reviews to make my decision to see it or not.

Do you expect The Dark Night will be average or a "masterpieces" for a summer movie?

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