Much have been written about Cloverfield in the last week with me included. But this weekend, Cloverfield got eaten alive by the other 3 movies(Meet The Spartans, Rambo, 27 Dresses) . It finished in fourth places with only $12.7 million. It's a drop of 68 percent from Cloverfield's first weekend of $41 Millions.

What I thought would happen, happened. Big movies always fell by 50% the next weekend with a top position of 1 or 2. The true "fans" went to see it while others stayed on the sidelines or went to see the other movies.

Cloverfield 2

That being said, I doubt a Cloverfield 2 will be made if the estimated numbers are still good. If they do one, it will be a direct to video. They did make a profit after all. But people getting sick did not help unless they change the style of filming by shooting a regular action movie. Then it may have a shot at theater again. Cloverfield will still make big money when it's release on DVD.

Box Offfice Top 10

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Media By Numbers LLC. Final figures will be released Monday.

  1. "Meet the Spartans" $18.7 million

  2. "Rambo" $18.2 million

  3. "27 Dresses" $13.6 million

  4. "Cloverfield" $12.7 million

  5. "Untraceable" $11.2 million

  6. "Juno" $10.3 million

  7. "The Bucket List" $10.2 million

  8. "There Will Be Blood" $4.9 million

  9. "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" $4.7 million

  10. "Mad Money" $4.6 million

For me, I did not see any new movies this weekend. Why? None were in English and 27 Dresses is a chick flick. ;) I won't pay to see that one at the theater.
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