With all the recent troubles that Britney Spears had in the last year, maybe it's time that she get back to work. By focusing her energy in her career again, she could show to the judge that she can clean up her act. It won't be easy for her and her kids but she have no real choice now. Those are a few possibilities after the launch of her new album.


She's was in 2 movies before: Crossroads (2002/I) and Longshot (2000). The last one was a surprise to me.


  • She could be far from the paparazzi if it's a remote location

  • Give her a break for now thus less in the news in a negative way


  • A movie could take many months

  • She could be far from kids depending on the location

TV series

She could try to be a special guest on many different type of shows(sci-fi, drama, comedy...). She did do Will & Grace.


  • She would be more visible and in the news in a positive way

  • Diversify her range of acting

  • She could still be close to her children unlike a movie

  • Attract more viewers to the show to see her work


  • She could be over exposed unless it's a story arch for a few episode at a time

  • The TV season has started and so maybe no roles could be added until late in the season. It could be okay while she promote her album


I'm not a card carrier of her fan club and I'm tired of seeing negative news about her in regular news report. A public exist for that type of news but give me break.  I'm sure they have other worthy news than that.

In a few years, we could see her on Oprah's book club:

Baby One More Time or Oops! ... I Did It Again - How she made her career even bigger

Let Me Be - She retires on a ranch and want to be left alone

or the unauthorized biography called:

Crazy  or Oops! ... I Did It Again or Toxic -  Where she fell even lower than now (I hope not for her sake and mine)

In the words of her last song: Gimme more last chance?


I liked giving the title based on her songs. :D
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