It's for my American readers only(Lucky you!):

Try BLOCKBUSTER Total Access FREE for one whole month 2 weeks! The plan details are:

  • No Due Dates or Late Fees for Online Rentals

  • Share Movie Recommendations with Friends and Family

  • Choose from over 80,000 titles

Blockbuster Subscription Banner - 2 for 1d

Here is your chance to see more movies for free. If you have read my free ebook(see below), you know that's a real deal.

They made the offer permanent now. I would suggest that you start with this offer to be able to detemine the rapidity of the service in your area. After that, you could upgrade to a package that has more movies if you want. In my case, I'm using a Canadian service to rent Blu-Ray movies since my local video stores lack choices.

Again, 1 free month is good for you.

P.S. The original offer was a limited time offer that ended on May 8th.

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