Yesterday, I went to see 3 sequels. All the Hollywood stars were aligned and was able to see them in the same day without waiting 1 minute between them. It's been a long time that I have been able to see 2+ English movies, 3 in this case, in the same day. :D I will go in the order that I saw them and I did checked my brain at the door(summer movies).
Live Free or Die Hard

So, I went to see 16 Blocks, oops! Die Hard 4. Hey! It's a cop escorting a person from point A to point B part of the movie. Ok!, Ok! I'm still a big fan of the Die Hard series anyway. But, I had a problem believing Justin Long as a hacker. I have nothing against the guy but his Apple commercials did not help him win credibility for this role. I will let this one alone and say this a real popcorn action movie. John McClane(Bruce Willis) has many lives and so one of the henchman. ;) I did not recognize Timothy Olyphant(THE bad guy) without his hat and mustache from Deadwood. I would say it's equivalent to Die Hard 3.

Verdict: It should be seen at the theater even with Justin Long and a few quicks

Evan Almighty

It's a comedy and sequel to Bruce Almighty with Morgan Freeman reprising the role of God and Steve Carell for the new disciple. They did a few winks to Carell previous movie. It's a feel good movie with some typical themes like being good, family, corruption....

Verdict: It should be seen on DVD or TV

Ocean's Thirteen

The gang is back, without any lady, for a revenge sting. Overall, it's a so-so movie with a few laughs. I was looking at my watch more often on this one. Having many top stars does not warranty a must see movie at the theater.

Verdict: It should be seen on DVD or TV

I debated on making 3 posts but 2 of them would not had warrant it.
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