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I saw Iron Man 2 almost 3 weeks after it was out in theater. It's the first movie I have seen in theater this year. About 10 people were already seated. I did expect it for the time of day(Wednesday at 12:30) plus it was hot and sunny.

What is Iron Man 2?

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I saw Avatar 3D almost one week after it was out in theater. About 175 were already seated and that, I did not expect for a Chrismas day showing in the middle of the day no less.

What is Avatar?

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It's been a while since I saw a movie in theater and to mark that occasion, I saw 2012 tonight. About 300 were already seated and that, I did not expect for a saturday night showing. I imagine the night before were packed too.

What is 2012?

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Dragonball: Evolution is a movie based on an anime and manga series

What is Dragonball: Evolution?

A young man must combat an evil force.

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I decided to post it this scene anyway but I did not watched it myself because I wanted to keep somethings when I will see it in theather. But, that's me so enjoy if you want!

Time: 5:28

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Push is a another movie about humans with powers

What is Push?

A young man with powers must rescue a woman.

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The International is a thriller around a bank.

What is The International?

An Interpol agent investigate a bank dealings.

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Defiance is a historical WWII movie about Jewish resistance. It's the third movie in a row about WWII. And it was not scheduled like that(rent queue).

What is Defiance?

This is the true story of Jewish brothers that took other Jews into the forest to escape the nazis.

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I saw Inglourious Basterds yesterday afternoon. I wanted to see the first showing but I arrived a little too late but before the start of the movie. The line was too long that I turned back to see the second showing. I rarely see lines like that but it was not sunny thus more people. About 150-200 were already seated and that, I did not expect for a second showing. I imagine the night would be pack.

What is Inglourious Basterds ?

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Valkyrie is a historical movie about Germany's lesser known heroes.

What is Valkyrie?

This is the true story of Claus von Stauffenberg, an offier in German army during WWII, that plotted with others to kill Hitler and sign a peace treaty to save Germany.

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